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„PSI Directive has sparked positive effects“

On the 16 December 2008 the European Commission published the commissioned report on the assessment study undertaken by MICUS Consulting GmbH titled: Assessment of the Re-use of Public Sector Information (PSI) in the Geographical Information, Meteorological Information and Legal Information Sectors.

The final version of the published report is now available.

Conclusion from the research is undoubtedly positive: Although the PSI Directive was not fully transposed into all Member States until 2008, it has already sparked positive effects. The re-use of PSI is increasing in all three sectors of public information, which have been individually scrutinized in this study (geographical information, meteorological information, legal and administrative information).
However, the impact of the Directive varies within the sectors. Re-users complain first and foremost about pricing, transparency and licensing. In the legal sector, most of the respondents criticize the lack of information on what PSI is accessible and where to find it for re-use. Detailed and quantitative information is available in the study. The study was carried out in cooperation with VCS and Online Consultants International.

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