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MICUS mobilizes
MICUS Management Consulting GmbH has for years been a recognized partner in consulting for companies as well as the public sector in Germany and Europe. » more
MICUS CEO: Professorship at Bauhausuniversität Weimar
Once again at the upcoming summer term MICUS CEO Dr. Martin Fornefeld will lecture on "Strategic infrastructure management". Other speakers are Stefan G. Reindl, member of the managing board of E.ON Thüringer Energie AG and Matthias Machnig, Thuringian minister for economy, work and technology. Content of the lecture are all aspects of broadband development in rural regions as well as in cities.
BIIX: the benchmark for broadband rollout
Tops – Flops – Challenges! We will show you the best districts for broadband rollout in Germany! The experts in infrastructure economics and management at the Bauhaus University Weimar and the consultancy firm MICUS in Dusseldorf examined 525 cities and rural districts in Germany on their preconditions for broadband rollout. Check the Top ten of cities and rural districts with fast internet and see what still needs to be done on broadband rollout in Germany!
PTC 12: Cloud Computing is the turbo for e-government – the results of the Hawaiian PTC 12 conference
Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, England and the USA are pacesetters for cloud computing in the e-government sector. On the other hand Europe – and specifically Germany – are far behind. These are the results of the specialist workshop "34th PTC Pacific Telecommunication Conference" which took place in Honolulu, Hawaii from 15th to 18th January 2012.
No energy transition without geo information
This is the result of the German Umbrella Organization for Geoinformation e.V. (DDGI) within the position paper "energy transition and geo information" which was presented at the INTERGEO 2011 in Nuremberg. The main requirement is the constitution of an open geo service "Energy systems in Germany". Dr. Martin Fornefeld, CEO of MICUS in Dusseldorf, is a member of the expert commission and puts it straight: only the open supply of geo information for rebuilding the energy systems will enable a fast, efficient and participatory realization.
County Höxter: 2.500 broadband connections realized
Since 31st December 2011 county Höxter is completely open to broadband access. Höxter is one of the first counties which have realized a complete broadband development. 80 provincial towns have been connected to the broadband net. MICUS calculated with 2.000 customers to become cost-effective. 2.500 customers have already decided to use the new offer.

The study "Broadband supply within rural regions – e.g. county Höxter" – that you can download here – shows why it is so difficult to realize broadband within rural regions. 35% of the households in Höxter did not have broadband access (> 2Mbit/s). Read more figures, facts, challenges of rural regions and find out details of the solution within the good practice presentation.
The Geoinformation Market is INSPIRE(d) by the EU
The geo-information business is a highly innovative market. A number of European Commission activities are giving a positive indication that access to and reuse of geodata specifically will be enhanced considerably in the future, and this will accelerate the geo-information market in Germany as well. In the future a request for public data provision will be obsolete. There will no longer be a scope of discretion "if" it is possible to obtain public data, only the question "how" will be flexible. Thus, the reuse of public data will become much easier with INSPIRE. The MICUS study "European Legislation as a Driver for German GeoBusiness" on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology shows the effects on the German economy.

» Download Study
New Study "The Impact of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) on the Public Sector": MICUS shows potential savings of about € 100 m. per year in the public sector
The German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) has appointed MICUS Management Consulting to examine the present and future use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in the public sector. The study describes selected applications that are particularly promising and effective. It evaluates the effects of public demand on the satellite navigation market and details the current obstacles and barriers to an intensification of GNSS use.
With a total investment of € 267 m. by the public authorities between 2010 and 2020, in the best case scenario, market returns of approximately €1,427 bn. altogether can be achieved.
If the challenges of the GNSS service have been accepted and the importance of basic innovation of satellite-based services has been identified by the public sector, then Germany has the opportunity to gain a market-leading position for the development and production of GNSS applications and devices in the years leading up to 2020.

» Download Study
New Study "Assessment of the Re-use of Public Sector Information (PSI)"
PSI Directive has sparked positive effects
On the 16 December 2008 the European Commission published the commissioned report on the assessment study undertaken by MICUS Management Consulting GmbH titled: Assessment of the Re-use of Public Sector Information (PSI) in the Geographical Information, Meteorological Information and Legal Information Sectors.
The final version of the published report is now available. Conclusion from the research is undoubtedly positive: Although the PSI Directive was not fully transposed into all Member States until 2008, it has already sparked positive effects. The re-use of PSI is increasing in all three sectors of public information, which have been individually scrutinized in this study (geographical information, meteorological information, legal and administrative information). However, the impact of the Directive varies within the sectors. Re-users complain first and foremost about pricing, transparency and licensing. In the legal sector, most of the respondents criticize the lack of information on what PSI is accessible and where to find it for re-use. Detailed and quantitative information is available in the study. The study was carried out in cooperation with VCS and Online Consultants International.

» Download Study
New study “The impact of broadband on growth and productivity”: MICUS shows that 2 million new jobs are possible
A new study from MICUS on behalf of the European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, collects evidence of the economic impact of broadband internet on labour productivity, employment level and growth. The investigation focuses on the improvement of business processes through the use of online technologies in large companies and in SMBs. In the best case scenario, broadband development could yield the creation of more than 2,000,000 jobs in Europe until 2015.

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New MICUS Study "Prospects for Business Models of German Companies in the European and Global Geo-Information Market"
MICUS has determined the market opportunities for companies in the international geo-information environment on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). One focus of the study is the change in the German geo-information market since 2000 and builds on the results of the former geo-information studies of 2001 and 2002. The study provides an important decision making framework for the internationalization of the geo-information market, identifies success determinants for business models of geo-portals and points out different variants for financing and sponsorship. For the first time, the market conditions of selected European and international markets are depicted online as GeoBusinessMaps at www.geobusinessmaps.org.

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MICUS carries out the EU-wide study on the re-use of public sector information (PSI)
The EU-Directive 2003/98/EC from November 2003 requires that public information is available by transparent and non-discriminating means. The aim of the Directive is to support the re-use of public sector information. Meanwhile the Directive is implemented in almost all member states. MICUS Management Consulting was commissioned by the European Commission to undertake a survey of the PSI Re-use market across Europe.

» more
Macroeconomic Impact of Broadband Use in Germany
Now online available. The potential offered by broadband use as a means of enhancing efficiency and flexibility and improving the competitiveness of industry and government is undisputed. This study quantifies the macroeconomic impacts of broadband use on growth, productivity, competitiveness and employment.

» Download study
eTrasse - the Online Network Information System
Every year costs of up to 500 million Euros are caused by damages of gas, water and telecommunication pipes during construction works. To avoid theses damages information about the position of theses pipes need to be available in a better way. With the novel information portal eTrasse there is now an innovative online solution available.

» Download Infoflyer
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MICUS and Network economy accepted bid for broadband-study
MICUS and its project partner Network Economy GmbH, Frankfurt, accepted a bid to conduct a study for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour about the economic impact of broadband usage. The study is embedded within the action program “Information Society Germany 2006” to activate the potential of broadband technology in Germany. » Download Press release
Innovative portal solutions reduce information costs and diminish pipeline damages
Joint information solution developed by MICUS and Runder Tisch GIS e.V. of the TU Munich.

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Geo-data infrastructures
A new MICUS-study shows value creation potential of geo-data infrastructures. The key lies in the provision of specific applicable solutions and the generation of added-value for the users.

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Business process optimization
Enduring process optimization requires an intuitive, easy-to-handle tool that leads quickly and simply to sound results. MICUS offers its self-developed tool "ProMIC" free-of-charge.

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